What is BPM?

"BPM offers organizations the ability to model, automate, and deploy radically more efficient ways of getting things done. Just as importantly, BPM promises to provide ongoing visibility into these processes in order to monitor and continually improve them over time."

Products and Services

"The Strada BPM Suite is the most open, adaptable, and easy-to-use business process management solution available today."


"In order to further speed the deployment of Strada solutions and reduce the time to ROI, the Strada BPM Suite is equipped with customizable solution templates that target a range of point-of-pain issues impacting many of our client organizations.."

Business Sector

"Many organizations have increased the speed of their business operations with Strada technology."

Why Strada

"Despite advances in business IT over the years, organizations are still looking for ways to drive business processes faster and gain competitive advantage. Strada BPM Suite gives you everything you need to map, improve, deploy, and manage the key processes that drive your business -- faster than you thought possible."